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Chinese New Year Lantern Festival and lanterns in Tianxiang simultaneously shine with national colors in Tianxiang

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In 2018, the two themed lantern festivals of the 2018 National Color Tianxiang New Year Lantern Festival and "Flower Lanterns in Tianxiang V" will shine simultaneously from January 18th to February 16th, and only one ticket can lead to the two theme park lantern festivals.

Tourists can spend their natal year in Guose Tianxiang, and when the new year is approaching, the stars of the zodiac of the year are also born. The theme lantern festival of "Flowering Lanterns in Tianxiang V" in Guose Tianxiang has carefully prepared a great gift for the citizens and friends of horses - on January 25th and 26th, Guose Tianxiang Paradise will invite all friends who belong to horses Go to the park for free to watch the lantern festival and have a different birth year.

Two themed lantern fairs will accompany you to light up 2014. The fifth lantern festival in Guose Tianxiang will be jointly built by the first phase of fairy tale world and the third phase of land park, respectively, with the nature of the two theme parks, creating a fairy tale world "Dreamland" , Land Paradise "Adventure Forest" two themed lantern sections.

In this year’s Chinese New Year Lantern Festival, Guose Tianxiang Paradise has made innovations in traditional scale and production technology. A large number of high-tech colors such as voice control, LED, and somatosensory interaction have become important elements of this Chinese New Year Lantern Festival, both in terms of vision and sense. It is shocking, allowing citizens to "combine" with the lights while enjoying the lantern festival while playing in the park, forming a somatosensory feast of people in the lights and lights in the people.

Dazzling performing arts event, watching the lantern festival, of course, there is no shortage of wonderful performances. In order to give the general public a New Year’s surprise, during the Spring Festival Lantern Festival, in addition to retaining various traditional performances, Guose Tianxiang Paradise also added various performances full of thrills, excitement and joy, such as walking in the air, flying around the world, and dragon dance in molten iron. There are thrilling programs that will thoroughly stimulate your senses, as well as fun and relaxing interactive games, clown performances, burlesque shows and more.

The Chinese New Year Lantern Festival is delicious and fun. In addition to the beautiful lanterns and wonderful performances, Guose Tianxiang Paradise will also hold a Chinese New Year Temple Fair this year. Various folk handicrafts, lettering on rice, and hand-woven brocade will be unveiled at the temple fair; flavored delicacies, such as Sichuan, Shaanxi, Guangdong and other authentic flavor snacks will also be gathered here. In addition, during the Chinese New Year, the ghost ship "Gothenburg" and the 360° dome flying theater will also be stationed in the National Color Tianxiang Paradise, adding color to the Spring Festival Lantern Festival. At present, the highest constellation clock in the southwest region, the Happy Ferris Wheel, will also appear in the national color. Tianxiang music.


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