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“Silk Road Spring” lantern exhibition will meet with Shenyang people at the Expo next month

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Every winter, watching the lantern festival in the white snow has become the most anticipated thing for Shenyang people. This year, Shenyang Tourism Group invested 15 million yuan to build a large-scale lantern show with the theme of "Silk Road Spring" in Shenyang World Expo Park, the only 5A-level tourist scenic spot in Shenyang. In mid-January 2018, everyone will be able to enjoy the 2018 Shenyang International Cultural Lantern Festival.

This light exhibition covers an area of more than 1,000 acres, with a total exhibition length of about 5.5 kilometers. It is expected to display more than 100 kinds of large and small light groups, including 4 super large light groups with a length of more than 30 meters, and large light groups with a length of more than 20 meters. 25 groups, and its construction scale can be regarded as the first case in Northeast China. The entire exhibition area is based on scenes such as Nanyang Thousand Sails, Ice and Fire Western Regions, Thousands of Caves and Ten Thousand Buddhas, Mirage, Xiongguan Mandao, etc., and is connected with the familiar historical stories of the Western Regions. Numerous interactive experience projects. These original layouts combine international fashionable light sources with traditional festive and lively Chinese-style lantern festivals, highlighting the distinctive theme of the lantern festival. Taking the historical symbols of the “Belt and Road” as the main line, it highlights the sentiments of Beijing, China and the world. This light show will also serve as a new business card and new highlight of Shenyang city, focusing on showing an open Shenyang and a revitalized Shenyang.


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